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Off-air FM radio stations
FM stations in Bergen, Norway.

Places to go to

The best list of satellite transponders transmitting to Europe

Another list of satellite transponders transmitting to Europe

The best radio station in New York City?

WHTZ, Top New York radio station, Bitcaster

Top Los Angeles radio station, Bitcaster

Hawaii's hottest R&B station, Bitcaster

Top 40 station, Palm Beach, Florida. Choose tracks from the airplay chart and listen through Real audio. Thanks, Bob Gilmore!

Non-stop soft hits from Holland, Bitcaster

Stocholm's Hot AC, Bitcaster

Stockholm's hit radio, Bitcaster

London's 80's, Rock and "Todays best music", Bitcaster

"We play the hits!" Berlin! Berlin! Bitcaster

Stockholm's 60's music station, Bitcaster

London's top 40 station, Bitcaster

Europe's Rock Station with a large play list

MIT list of US radio stations on the net
List of over 3000 US radio stations

Radio stations live on the Internet
Large list with direct access to streaming radio stations from all over the world

Radio i Sverige
List of radio stations in Sweden (in Swedish)

FM & TV links page

Dan Gulino's Aircheck Trading Emporium

Bob Gilmore's Radio & Airchecks Home Page!

NYC Radio/WEB Dial
What stations could you find on the dial in New York City?

Radio in France
Radio stations in France listed by city

Airchecks from the capital of radio!

Herbert Pjede's history of Radio Luxembourg

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